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Steam AI Conference – 1st & 2nd November
Science & Industry Museum, Manchester

This business focussed AI Conference is set to unveil how AI is shaping organisational efficiency and enhancing human creativity within all sectors.

MANCHESTER, UK: Today, Steam AI Events announced its two-day conference, The Steam AI Conference – A Strategy Event for Business, Product & Innovation Leaders, taking place on November 1 & 2, 2023 at The Science and Industry Museum, Manchester.

Designed for business leaders, product leaders, innovators and strategic business leads including CxOs, senior leadership teams and founders, the event promises a deep strategic understanding of how organisations and businesses are harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence.

“Steam powered the first industrial revolution; AI will power the next,” is the overarching sentiment behind the conference. STEAM is the new STEM and it’s not all hot air. Creative thinking is critical to innovation and progress towards finding solutions and solving the challenges of the future.

The event will gather over 250 business, product & innovation leaders, 25 expert speakers, 20 demo companies, and be supported by more than 10 prestigious sponsors.

Highlighting the AI Safety Summit: Parallel to this business-centric event, on the same days, the UK Government will be holding its AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire. This global initiative will discuss the risks and mitigations around frontier AI technology. In recognition of the significance of this summit, the Steam AI Conference will provide its delegates with a concise summary, focusing on the strategic business implications emerging from the safety research and potential legislation.

Steam AI Conference Themes and Speakers:

Focused on seven core organisational themes – Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Operations, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Marketing – attendees will gain invaluable insights into how AI is augmenting these domains.

Speakers include:

Daniel Hulme – Head of AI, WPP

Joanne Thurlow – Executive Director ESG, NED, Strategic Advisor

Craig Hepburn – Head of AI, UEFA

Nick Baskett – Data Protection Officer (AI) at Holland & Barrett

Andrew Walker – AI Strategist, Entrepreneur & Writer

Calum Alexander – AI Leader & CEO at Data Science Analytics

Andrew Grill – Chief Futurist & Actionable Futurist® Keynote Speaker

… [and many more distinguished AI innovators & leaders]

About Steam AI Conference:

This conference is uniquely focused on the business implications and strategies surrounding AI, setting it apart from other tech conferences. It aims to ensure leadership teams have a robust understanding of AI’s strategic impact, provide hands-on demos and case studies, and promote strategic thinking for higher AI ROI.

Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to network with AI innovators, view demonstrations across the seven primary organisational themes, and understand the importance of having a strategic AI plan.

Steam AI Events was co-founded by digital & AI entrepreneurs Kyle Hatchard, Stewart Townsend, Brendon Kenny & Simon Grice. Simon & Stewart were partners in the highly successful mashup* Event series of conferences for digital leaders in the UK during the social & mobile growth era.

Supporters and Sponsors:

Steam AI is grateful for the generous support of its partners, both from the public and private sectors, making this event possible in the industrial heartland of the North West.

More Information:

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