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Our speakers and panel members have been putting AI into practice across a wide range of organisations.



Joanne Thurlow

Executive Director. NED. Partner & Strategic Advisor.

Andrew Walker

AI Strategist & Founder of WePodcastYou

Calum Alexander, Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons), MInstP.

C.E.O. at Data Science Analytics | Senior Data Science | A. I. Leader

Nick Baskett

Data Protection Officer (AI), Holland & Barrett

Andrew Grill

Chief Futurist & Actionable Futurist® Keynote Speaker, 5 x TEDx Presenter

Tom Cohn

Building AI Marketing School - The #1 Newsletter for AI-Assisted Marketers

Katharina Koerner

AI Governance, Privacy, Privacy Tech, Responsible AI

David Foster

Founding Partner, ADSP | Author of 'Generative Deep Learning' (O'Reilly)

Kane Simms

The future of AI-powered customer experience. 🧭 Strategic AI consultancy

Ignatius Rautenbach

Strategists | Futurist | Ai | ML |

Peter Garraghan

CEO/CTO & Co-Founder of Mindgard.

Jamie Smith

Digital wallets, Personal AI and customer engagement.

Paul Sweeney

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Webio Ltd

Greg Ellison

CEO / Author / Entrepreneur

Craig Hepburn

Next-Gen Digital Transformation Leader | Streaming & Media Strategy | Web3.0, NFTs & Crypto | Generative AI & ChatGPT Expertise

Alpesh Doshi

Founder and CEO, Fintricity and Kendra Labs

Francesco Benincasa

CEO Smarter.ai - The AI Marketplace

David Moloney

Head of Growth (AI) - Satalia / WPP

Brendon Kenny

Investing in innovative businesses

Stewart Townsend

co-Founder - MadaebyAI, Director - Steam AI Events, Consultant for - Channel Strategy: Channel Management