Alpesh Doshi

Founder and CEO, Fintricity and Kendra Labs

I'm the founder of a group of companies focused on transforming markets and industries with the application of data and AI and emerging tech driven business models.

AI is now beginning to change every industry. I help navigate that journey with cultural and technology change. Now we've seen Generative AI starting to take hold, we help firms navigate through the journey to deliver a platform, through our venture Kendra Labs.

Blockchain technology will transform almost every industry in the coming years, and we're building ventures and JVs, and software companies to capture that large opportunity. I came into the Blockchain space 8 years ago when I stumbled across the Ethereum team.

We have also worked in Data, Analytics, and now AI over the past 15y+.

Digital Transformation

We also work to provide innovation thinking, programme/project management, architecture, software development and implementation to help enterprises build and deliver new business models and revenue streams or transform their business.

This includes transforming businesses leveraging Data and AI, and the open source platforms that can be used to build solutions.

Sustainability and AI.

We see getting to Net Zero as a data problem. Without data enterprises cannot understand or plan to reduce emissions, and more importantly, become Sustainable Businesses.

Venture Studio

We build ventures that leverage big data and analytics technologies including crowdfunding real estate, payments (using Blockchain), sustainability, energy, travel, healthcare, financial services.

My background is within the investment banking, life and pensions, asset management telecoms, mobile, media & entertainment. I have worked on strategy, design and implementation projects.

Specialties: Innovation, Blockchain, Token Models, Analytics, Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Generative AI, Sustainability, ESG, Big Data, Strategy, Delivery, Business Architecture, Solution Architecture, Technology Strategy, Business Development, Asset Management, Real Estate.

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