Craig Hepburn

Next-Gen Digital Transformation Leader | Streaming & Media Strategy | Web3.0, NFTs & Crypto | Generative AI & ChatGPT Expertise

As Head of Digital at UEFA since August 2018, I have been dedicated to leading the strategic direction of the business towards a new digital-first mindset. Reporting to the Director of Commercial and Marketing Operations, I have successfully developed a range of new digital products and services that address the changing habits and needs of fans worldwide. By leveraging innovative digital technologies, I have significantly increased fan engagement and helped extend our competitions globally through new interactive and streaming services, apps and gaming that has provided a superior digital experiences that showcase UEFA's competitions to a global audience.

One of my key accomplishments has been the launch of UEFA's first Streaming OTT platform, UEFA.tv, which provides fans worldwide with exclusive access to original programming and behind-the-scenes content. Through this platform, we have been able to build deeper engagement with fans and increase our global reach.

Throughout my career, my passion for innovation around digital technology has been key to driving increased business performance and strategic change. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, eCommerce, OTT, lead generation, and technology development, I have been highly focused and driven in my pursuit of developing innovative solutions that challenge the status quo.

My expertise more recently around the development of Web3 and GenerativeAI has allowed me to identify new ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and improve customer experiences. As a committed professional, I am dedicated to achieving exceptional results that transform marketing models and drive strategic change.

In my previous roles, including Global Vice President Digital Marketing, Brand & Creative Services at Tata Communications and Global Director, Consumer Engagement and Global Director, Digital & Social Media Marketing at Microsoft, I have led highly skilled teams to develop and execute successful digital transformation strategies. I have also been recognized by various publications for my leadership, strategy, and exceptional business performance.

As a passionate advocate for technology innovation, I am constantly exploring new ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and improve customer experiences.